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San Ki Health Changes due to COVID-19 Emergency

It is a very challenging time across the world right now and I am doing everything I can to make sure I am available to you, my patients, as much as possible during this time. I want you to continue to provide you with support in every way and be ready to serve you in person again when the situation allows.

A few changes are necessary right now given the nature of the healthcare climate right now locally, nationally and internationally.

As of March 20th San Ki Health is temporarily not providing in person treatments due to the Governor’s Order closing down non-essential healthcare services to slow the spread of COVID 19 as well as to ensure that healthcare facilities that provide frontline response to patients dealing with the virus have all the support and personal protective equipment that they need to stay safe and also in an effort to help “flatten the curve” to prevent overwhelm of the available services.

I will no longer be providing acupuncture treatments at the Jacksonville Acupuncture Clinic location and will be moving the physical practice to a new location once the state of emergency has been lifted. I will be posting the relocation information here as well as in the Florida Times Union Announcements as soon as I have a new location secured. I look forward to serving you in person at a new location as soon as we are permitted and the conditions are safe enough to do so!

Third and most important right now:
To support you in every way I can while we are all struggling through this difficult time I will be offering Telehealth Visits to allow me to assess your condition virtually and provide you with whatever I can to help you regain, maintain and enhance your health including (but not limited to):

  • Lifestyle, supplement, essential oil and other recommendations.
  • Instruction in acupressure techniques, moxa and magnet points for self treatment
  • Herbal prescriptions which can be shipped or dropped off
  • Sotai, qi gong and meditation techniques and exercise instruction and demonstration.

You can book your Telehealth visit anytime right here on the website on the Book Now page.

As always, it is an honor and a privelege to have your trust and to help you in any way that I can.  There is much I can do to help you help yourself through this challenging time of great change.  Contact me through a Telehealth visit today and we can get started!

Gretchen Gonzalez, AP, DOM