Chinese Herbs

In perfect Harmony – acupuncture and herbs…

To balance from the inside out – that is the goal of a comprehensive treatment from San Ki Health.

Come in for an acupuncture treatment to serve the Ki level of your health – then continue the treatment after you leave and until your next acupuncture visit with an herbal therapy regime.  Acupuncture affects the Ki – the energy that moves and motivates all functions in the body throughout the meridians – herbs go directly into the bloodstream to take effect at the deeper levels of the body systems.

By digesting the herbs the active ingredients are carried by the blood straight to the organs and the active ingredients in the herbs have powerful and direct effect on whatever condition we are working to treat.

When acupuncture and herbal medicine are used together the results can be dramatic.  Let us help you achieve your health goals naturally and with none of the harsh side effects of pharmaceuticals.

For answers to frequently asked questions about Chinese Herbal Medicine please refer to the Chinese Herbs section of our FAQ PAGE.