Change is in the air…

This past year has brought a lot of change to my practice and things may shift some more as this year progresses.  Please stay tuned and I will keep you all up to date as my availability changes.

Until I have more availability I highly recommend the acupuncturists at A Way of Life Acupuncture, both Dr. Sarah Thomas and Dr. Christine Yastrezemski, as highly qualified, compassionate, effective and gentle practitioners of Chinese Medicine.   You can reach the office at (904) 373-8415 or schedule online on the website www.awayoflifeacupuncture.com.

I wish all of you the very best of health.

Gretchen Gonzalez, AP

A New Location in Jacksonville

I have found a beautiful space to re-establish my practice and I will begin providing acupuncture treatments there on a limited basis beginning Tuesday, May 5th.

In this clinic we are taking several precautions and have procedures set in place for all of our protection and safety and to keep us all comfortable adjusting to new normals in our routines and activities moving forward.


San Ki Health will now be at
A Way of Life Acupuncture
4337 Pablo Oaks Ct., Building 200
Jacksonville, FL 32224


Starting next week I will ask all patients coming in for acupuncture to complete a self screening checklist before coming to the office.  The checklist will be in your appointment confirmation email and on the door of the clinic.  If you answer yes to any of the self screening questions I ask that you do not come into the clinic but call me instead to discuss your answers and determine the next step.

In addition, I am committed to my own daily screening and safety measures including monitoring my temperature, frequent hand washing, physical distancing when in public and the utilization of PPE in the office during treatments.


Treatment room and facility cleaning procedures will be maintained at or above current CDC recommendations with patients being roomed as quickly as possible to avoid common area congestion and all treatment rooms being appropriately disinfected after each treatment.  Treatments will be timed to limit the number of people passing through the common areas at once.


To protect the safety of anyone who comes into the clinic space I the self screening and cleaning procedures are being implemented so that if you do come in for treatment you can be assured that your health is being protected.

Aside from ensuring that we are all limiting the spread of COVID-19 you should feel free to schedule an appointment for acupuncture if we cannot work on your concern through a Telehealth virtual visit.


My online calendar is available to you 24/7 to book, reschedule, cancel or view all your appointments.  It is mobile friendly and more user friendly than the ChArm system was and I hope you will find it a useful tool to get scheduled and manage your appointments.

Use the online calendar to BOOK NOW

Follow these steps after receiving your Patient Portal Invitation

  • Setup your Patient Portal Account
    • click the link in the invitation and follow the instructions to access and setup your Patient Portal Account.
  • Request an appointment
    • Click on the “Appointments” tab in the Portal and then find the big “+” icon near the top right and click on that to make your appointment request selections.
    • Select the Provider and then the Visit Type and then the calendar will appear for you to select from the available dates and times.
    • Once you select a date and a time, please scroll down to and enter something in the “Reason” box and then hit “Request” and I will get notified of your appointment request.  At this time I am manually confirming all appointments and you will receive a confirmation email when the appointment has been set.
  • Fill Out Forms
    • Once I approve the appointment and you get a confirmation for it you will then have Questionnaires to fill out in the portal. You can access these directly by clicking on the Questionnaires tab and there will be a list of them.  These must be filled out before your first appointment.
  • Arrive for your appointment
    • For in person acupuncture you will now go to 4337 Pablo Oaks Ct., Building 200.  The clinic is called A Way Of Life Acupuncture.
    • For a Telehealth visit please arrive shortly before the appointment is scheduled to begin by logging into your Patient Portal and navigating to the Appointments tab where you will see your appointment with a blue link to the right of it that says “Check In”.  Clicking on this button will launch Zoom Meetings.
      • If you do not already have Zoom installed on your device you will automatically be walked through the steps to download and install it.  It is required in order to hold the Telelhealth visits and will take only a few minutes to install.  After you do this the first time you will only have to give Zoom permission to run each time for any follow up visits.