About San Ki Health

San Ki Health is an acupuncture practice dedicated to helping you regain and maintain your health through a balance of the movement of the vital energy or “Qi/Ki” in your body.
Based on extensive studies under both Chinese and Japanese acupuncture masters, a background in massage therapy and a deep respect for ability of the human body to correct itself when things have gone awry as well as a desire to see the best of both traditional and modern medicine working together, San Ki Health brings you acupuncture care that utilizes the most effective materials and methods from all my experience.
What does it mean?
San – In both Japanese and Chinese this is the word for the number three
Ki – or Qi – the energy which animates life and all of its actions and functions
So, ‘San Ki’ essentially means ‘Three Energies’
  • 3 realms – Body, Mind, Spirit
  • 3 levels – Heaven, Human, Earth
  • 3 cultures – Japan, China, the West
To bring all into balance is to achieve good health!
San Ki Health draws on the knowledge, experience and history of medicines from China, Japan and the West to provide you with the highest quality healthcare.
  • I use Traditional Japanese Hari style needling technique to provide you with powerfully effective yet gentle acupuncture.
  • I use Chinese Herbal Medicine also known as Kampo in Japan, to reinforce the effects of acupuncture and to maintain ongoing treatment between visits.
  • I will work with you and your physician to help you attain the highest level of health.
Providing gentle relief for better quality of life!