Ovatu Scheduling App Launched

It’s Everywhere!

Look down to the right on this or any page of the website and you will now see a little red callout bubble.  If you click on it it will open up the appointment application with ease.

You can even book through the application on facebook!

Works better!

Ovatu is less cumbersome than the ChArm application for scheduling appointments and hopefully will solve the issue of not showing availability at times.

More options!

You will have more options for control and management of your appointments including:

  • Appointment booking
  • Moving/recheduling appointments
  • Cancelling appointments
  • Setting up recurring appointments on the same day and time at whatever interval you prefer (weekly, every 2 weeks, monthly etc.)
  • Viewing and paying your invoices
  • Updating your contact information
  • Setting preferences like SMS versus Email contact
  • Getting text message appointment reminders
  • And you can leave reviews of your experience of treatment with me to share on the site for others to know how acupuncture has helped you!

Easier access!

It will be much easier to access and use this tool from any platform desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Navigation is cleaner and more intuitive and you won’t have to zoom in and out to get to different parts of the screen.

If you find anything that does not work as well as you think it should, let me know and I will get right on it.  I want you to have the easiest, most user friendly experience possible.