Ocean Breeze Hari Society

Welcome to the Ocean Breeze Hari Society

We are a newly formed membership society to support and promote the study of Traditional Japanese Acupuncture in Florida.  Members of this society will be entitled to discounted registration fees and participation in special events.  Details on membership will be available soon.

We are happy to present our upcoming training program in Hari Traditional Japanese Acupuncture with T. Koei Kuwahara Sensei beginning in January of 2020 in Palm Beaches, FL.

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We hope to renew an active and thriving community of learning and growth with palpation based medicine seminars full of heart.  We hope this series will be the first of many opportunities for study in Traditional Japanese Medicine with the Ocean Breeze Hari Society here in Florida.

Please join us in welcoming Kuwhara Sensei back to Florida to teach the Florida Hari 6 Month Training Program 2020!

ABOUT Kuwahara Sensei and HARI
Kuwahara Sensei has been honing the techniques of HARI for more than 40 years now and his expertise and skill he shares with great heart and generosity in these training series.  If you are unfamiliar with Japanese acupuncture techniques and styles or if you are a 30 year veteran of practicing the gentle art of palpation based medicine, all will find Kuwahara Sensei’s teachings exceptionally useful in your current practice and the techniques he teaches to develop the practitioner’s palpation and needle technique will sharpen and increase the Ki manipulation abilities in your hands and bring heart and spirit into the treatment process.

HARI works from within the heart of the East Asian ancient Five phases system, Kototama.  Its theoretical foundation is based in the Five phase/dimensional model derived from the Japanese classics Koji-ki and Nihon-Shoki and grounds itself clinically with Ki (E-Ki) evaluation Pulse dx. methods. The Hari whole system has a flexible approach to local treatment which draws from the strengths of various Japanese classical acupuncture practices and the Chinese classics Su Wen, Ling Shu, and Nan Jing.

The study and practice of the Life-style of Hari develops the practitioner’s awareness in the meditative stage that is Kū 空—Mu 無 and the high dimensional quality of Ki.

Find out more about the FLORIDA HARI TRAINING PROGRAM beginning in January 2020 on the Information Page.