To Ise Jingu once again

My teacher, Kuwahara sensei, has always taken us to Ise Jingu at some point during the trip. In Japan it is very common to find temples and shrines all around and Ise Shrinw is one of the largest ones in the country.

On the train to Ise
The streets that lead to Ise Jingu

The walk from the train station to Ise Jingu (aka Ise Shrine) is so beautiful with quaint side streets full of sweet gardens and, my favorite architectural feature, ceramic tiled roof tops with ornate endcaps and adornments.

You can identify the entrance to any Shinto shrine by the two large pillars with one curved beam across the top connecting yin and yang.

Then, we have a little lecture withkuwahara sensei to explain to the new students about the etiquette for entering the shrine.