Telehealth Visits

In these very unusual times we are all having to adapt and I have been working hard to set up a way to be able to provide my patients with every resource I possibly can to help you stay strong, healthy, at ease and feel assisted and connected even while we maintain our physical distance.

To this end Telehealth Video Consult are now available to all my patients both in New Mexico and here in Florida.  These will take place on an online platform and can be scheduled at your convenience.

I will be able to assess and provide recommendations for self care, moxa points to treat, dietary advice, immunity support recommendations, acupressure homework, magnet points to treat, exercises and herbal formula prescriptions to be delivered to your door.  I will work hard to help you through this time of uncertainty in whatever way I can.

Book Online Anytime
To book a Telehealth Video Consult with me you can go to the Book Now page of this website (button in the menu at the top of this page or click Book Now to navigate to the booking tool.)

Visits will cost $45 for up to 30 minutes in any given week.  Some insurance plans may cover Telehealth but you will need to confirm with your insurance company if your specific plan will cover Telehealth visits performed by Acupuncturists.  So far I have seen most plans that have been covering acupuncture are also covering Telehealth visits by acupuncturists.

Once you book a Telehealth Video Consult online you will receive a series of emails to walk you through getting setup on the Patient Portal for this new system.

In there you will need to navigate to the button that says “Questionnaires” and fill out any forms that you find under that tab.  These need to be filled out even if you have seen me in the past as I need to update all patients into this new system as of May 20, 2020.

It will take a little time but most questions are multiple choice and you can simply click all the boxes that apply to you.

Before Each Visit
Don’t forget to register/login to the patient portal before your visit to fill out any questionnaires that are requested. You should have received the invitation to setup your patient portal after your appointment was confirmed.  Check your email if you haven’t already seen this.

For each Telehealth Video Consult I ask that you do a couple of pre-appointment assessments for me and share the numbers with me when we meet.

  1. Check your temperature with a thermometer
  2. Check your weight on your home scale
There are two ways to access your Telehealth Visit.
  1. Login to your patient Portal and click on the Video Camera icon in the appointment.
  2. Follow the URL link sent to you in your Video Consult Confirmation email.
There is a virtual ‘Waiting Room’ you can arrive in just before your scheduled appointment time and when I arrive I can bring you into the session.  You must arrive there in order for me to open up the session and join you.
I look forward to working with you in this new, adaptive way!