Not accepting new patients at this time

This past year has brought a lot of change to my practice and I have reduced the number of days I am working in private practice as I have begun to build up my practice in the Mayo Clinic Integrative Medicine and Health Department.  As a result of this change and, in order to give my current patients the attention and time they need, I am no longer accepting new patients at my private practice here at San Ki Health.

I highly recommend the acupuncturists at A Way of Life Acupuncture, both Dr. Sarah Thomas and Dr. Christine Yastrezemski, as highly qualified, compassionate, effective and gentle practitioners of Chinese Medicine.   You can reach the office at (904) 373-8415 or schedule online on the website

If you would like to try and be seen by me at Mayo Clinic you can inquire with the Integrative Medicine and Health department to see about availability by calling: (904) 953-0951.

I wish all of you the very best of health.

Gretchen Gonzalez, AP