A new technique and the Shinkansen, again.

A new technique and the Shinkansen, again.

I am going to have to research this one. When we got to our hostel in Matsuyama, the man of the hostel took us on to the rec room and proceeded to demonstrate his healing methodology that he practices. Shockingly, it involves marking the body with silver and gold painting pen on various places to treat pain and dysfunction. My knee and ankle on the right had been pretty achey for the past two days and in 30 seconds he had drawn 4 small arrows on my right ankle the ache and the swelling were no longer noticeable at all.

Seriously – 30 seconds and it was all better.

There was some strong ki movement through my whole right lower half.

We are headed to Kyoto today. Our last full day in Japan. So sad to leave Matsuyama. It was a great stay.

view from the Shinkansen on Shikoku Island

view 2 from the shinkansen while still on Shikoku Island. Note the temple on top of the small hill over the town.
our host giving sensei a silber and gold paint therapy treatment