A Miyawaki sensei clinic day

Saturday we spent the day in the clinic of Miyawaki sensei.

He gave us a wonderful opportunity to observe his clinic treatments and then discuss the treatments. After this he gave us a small lecture on root treatment in Hari and the ways he has found to improve the effectiveness of his root treatment. He shared many good secrets with us and I am so happy to be able to bring these new approaches back to my own clinic practice when I return home.

Miyawaki sensei and Kuwahara sensei are “brothers” in the Fukushima lineage. Both were deshi of Fukushima sensei many years ago.

In Miyawaki sensei’s office I was able to take a special picture of Koei Kuwahara sensei, his senior student and my very first teacher of Hari style acupuncture – Ehrland Truitt sensei with the picture of Fukushima Kodo sensei in the background. 3 generations in the lineage. It is so humbling.