Japanese Acupuncture in Jacksonville, FL

I have begun a part time position treating patients in the Mayo Clinic Jacksonville’s Integrative Medicine and Wellness department.  To allow my current patients to continue to receive care without interruption I am no longer accepting new patients at in my private practice at the San Jose Blvd. office location.

If you are a new patient, interested in receiving Japanese Acupuncture treatment in Jacksonville you may request an appointment with me at Mayo Clinic’s Integrative Medicine department by calling (904) 953-0951.

This is an exciting change and professional opportunity for me and I look forward to sharing Japanese Acupuncture with you in the beautiful Mayo Clinic campus where we will have the support of a system designed from the start to ‘integrate’ medicine by having specialists collaborate in the complete care needs of the individual patient.

I look forward to meeting you there!

Gretchen Gonzalez, AP, DOM

Mayo Clinic Integrative Medicine and Wellness
4th Floor of the Davis Building
4500 San Pablo Rd.
Jacksonville, FL 32224