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Kuwahara Sensei is now offering a short series of live webinars on 3 special topics that are open to anyone who has studied with him in the past or has a foundation in Japanese Meridian Therapy Clinical Practice.

These lectures are a great way to delve a little deeper or explore for the first time some interesting topics with the master and we will allow time for a question and answer period at the end of each lecture as well.


1. Shigo – June 12 – Midday/Midnight Treatment based on the Horary Cycle.  This technique is useful in both branch/symptomatic treatment and can also be used to help confirm or identify primary diagnosis.  Confirmation is instantaneous, technique is simple and effects can be long lasting.  An elegant adjunct to your treatment repetoire.

2. Kigai – June 19 – Inguinal (ST29/30) Area Treatment.  As a microsystem this area of the body can be used to treat all other parts but is especially useful in the treatment of lower body symptoms as a branch treatment method.

3. Distance Hari Diagnosis and Treatment: Part 1 – June 26
Learn the art of truly energetic methods for performing diagnosis and treatment on a patient who cannot come to the office. “Aha-(info)mation” comes to us in the subconscious. The Sho or pattern determination of a patient is always transmitted and diagnosable through symbols or images in the subconscious mind.  This “Aha” recognition often is intuitive, instinctive and automatic.  We will learn how to prepare the body/mind for this method of diagnosis and how to read the pulse picture reading without having to touch the patient’s body.

4. Distance Hari Diagnosis and Treatment: Part 2 – July 3
Through meditation and utilizing the Kototama principle we will learn to perform Ki diagnosis and treatment.  Gaining clearer “Aha-info” and focusing on intuition help us to exert an even greater influence on both the practitioner and clients’ body and life as the pulse and symptoms begin to change.


All workshops will take place on Friday mornings starting at 10am EST and running until 12pm.

Registration Fee

Workshops 1 and 2  –  $25 each and can be taken as stand alone workshops if desired.

Workshops 3 and 4  –  must be taken as a pair and the cost is $50 for the pair.

At this time we can only accept check payment for registration.
Make checks payable to:

Palm Beach Acupuncture Associates
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Dr. Cameron Bishop
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Please write “FL Kuwahara” in the memo area of your check.


2 CEU’s per workshop pending with FL Acupuncture Board

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You will be provided with the meeting access link once your payment is received at the office.

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